We offer a variety of affordable programs to meet your individual needs listed below, or $45 Per session.

Introductory Program $165
This is a 6-session introductory course where you learn the basics punches, combinations, “slip and anchor” movements. You will also develop better balance, coordination and learn the proper usage of the boxing equipment. This course generally lasts 1 month and is mostly 1-on-1 training with a certified coach or trainer.
Requirements: None
Program Includes: (6) sessions, Free set of hand wraps & T-shirt

Advanced Program $165
Upon completion of the introductory course you may enroll in the advanced program. In this program you will be learning more footwork, punches, styles and incorporating speed & power into the technique from the first course. Then you will be on your way to being in the best shape of your life!!
Requirements: Introductory Course Completion
Program Includes: (8) sessions

Knockout Package $330
This is an awesome deal and highly recommended so that you get the most out of your training with us and minimize the time it takes to meet your fitness and/or boxing goals.
Package Includes:
Introductory Program
Advanced Program
Up to 6 sessions a week for TWO MONTHS
Free set of hand wraps
Free T-shirt
Free boxing gloves
This is our BEST SELLING PACKAGE for those of you that are serious about improving your life by working towards better health and fitness….

Group Discount $125
(per person / 2 or more)

Trial Session $25
We welcome you to come in for  1-on-1 trial session. However, keep in mind it takes more than one session to really appreciate the benefits of boxing.

Upon Completion of the Introductory & Advanced Courses

Training Combo $75/Month
(Training and Access) Work with a trainer to develop your skills and get unlimited access to the gym and equipment. Trainer available 6 days per week.

Budget Boxer $60/Month
This program includes one personal training session a week, beginning & end of the month punch & heavy bag counts and 7 day a week access to the gym.