Why a real boxing workout? (And not some pretender in Spandex at the Y):

1. Fitness: At Contenders, you can’t fake a jump rope, a heavy bag, or a speed bag. You WILL get in shape.
2. Stress Relief: There is no better way to rid yourself of this killer than physical exertion like only boxing provides.
3. Self Defense: When you complete the program, good luck to the person who tries to test you!
4. 1-on-1 Training: This is not a class, we believe that 1-on-1 training is the best way you can learn this sport.

Q. Do you have to get hit?
A. Certainly not. The running, equipment, weight room, focus mitts, and the double end (and other bags) are more
than enough to keep you occupied. But, if you are interested in sparring, or taking boxing even further, there are
amateurs, pros, trainers, and even business men and women who are more than happy to oblige.

Q. Are there shower facilities and clean towels?
A. Absolutely.

• All experience levels welcome
• Ages 10 & up